“After” book out now!

After - Photographs by Bjarke Ahlstrand
“After” contains 150+ post-coital portraits by Bjarke Ahlstrand and is a photographic bombardment of the senses. Edited by Jan Grarup. Foreword by Mikkel Munch-Fals.
216 pages. Softcover.

“The observer is taken on a visual adventure ride, which at the same time is steeped in euphoria and doom. It leaves the voyeur as his motif: breathless and reflective”.

When The Silver Runs Dry

Oldest clone, patiently shot at seconds exposure on expired paper negative and very old developer. The dots you see are the very last silver spots left in the paper.4x5_papirnegativ_sinarp2_21cm_Voigtlander_november2014_hjalte4_SMALL

Legendary hunter shot (on film)

Fortunately, master hunter and adventurer, Freddy Wulff, survived his encounter with Kodak Master View 8×10″ camera, mounted with an old Commercial Ektar lens and Tri-X film.

Kodak Master View 8x10_Commercial Ektar_Tri-x_Freddy Wulff_August_2014

Swiss metal musicians on Swiss metal camera

Band portrait for Swiss metal heads HEROD (Sinar P2 + 36cm Heliar + 8x10 Impossible Silver Shade)When Herod played in Denmark, August 2014, we had the pleasure of portraying them — with the Swiss Sinar P2 8×10″ camera. Shot at the loft with a little bit of natural light entering from above.

Future ahead

Railway Girl (Kodak Master View 8x10" + Sironar-S 210 mm + Ilford Paper Negative)Little Betty waiting by the train tracks – she has yet to choose which way to turn in life (I recommend the left hand path) in a David Lynch’esque surreal setting.

Teens time travelling

Wrong Century Teens (Goecker Wood Studio Camera 8x10" + Dallmeyer Petzval 3B + Ilford Paper Negative)Shot a couple of 2014ish teenage girls from the country side in the old inner city Copenhagen (actually right outside my studio) on an antique 8×10″ portrait camera (anno 1913) mounted with a beautiful 1870s Dallmeyer Petzval lens. I love the detail with the man lurking in the shadows in the left side of the image.

Undergang – apocalyptic large format

8x10_paper negative_kodak master view 8x10_210_mm_sironar s_undergang 1 2

Had a wonderful graveyard encounter recently with death metal gang Undergang (Untergang in German, Apocalypse in English), before they hit off for a long US-tour. Brought an oooooold 8×10″ large format Kodak camera and some paper negatives and commanded the band members to stand still for exactly 1 second. They did. Afterwards we drank some beers on someone’s grave. Nice.

Christine, same but different

8x10 versus 8x10_4000pxBeautiful Christine captured on expired 8×10″ photographic paper and on new Impossible 8×10″ Silver Shade polaroid. I absolutely love what the 1930s Kodak Portrait Lens and paper do to her (blue) eyes.

Yes, One Of Many has opened One Of Many Cameras – a physical and online camera store!

foto 3I’m so delighted to announce that I’ve teamed up with my best friend, Daniel Madsen, the most competent dealer of photographic equipment in Denmark, and moved into the most perfect spot in old central Copenhagen, Gråbrødre Torv. We opened our shop & studio on 04 04 2014, and have big things planned. Our webshop will launch shortly, but meanwhile, do check our physical store if you’re in the Copenhagen area. And YES, we have plenty of goodies, tons of film and fantastic cameras (new as well as antique) for sale. Including the Mamiya TLR, which I shot an expired roll of Ilford Pan F Plus 50 film with today :-)